Pyramid Schemes

How To Play:

The Rules:

1:2-4 players

2:Deal out ten cards each from the randomly shuffled deck to each player

3:place ONE home card in the middle of the table/playing area

4:Only place one card per turn.

5:The goal is to get as carnivore cards on the table as possible.

6:All Event cards do the same thing: destroys one card or more of the other players chain -depends on if other cards are dependent on card destroyed.

7:on your second turn you can either put down another plant card or put down a card that will eat the plant.

8:bacteria cards are discarded and there is only need for one home card. Invasive species no longer invade.

9:After every turn, pick up one card from the deck, you can have as many cards in a deck as you want but 50 is recommended. 100 if more than 2 people are playing.

-10 1s

-10 2s

-10 3s

-10 4s

and 10 event cards

10:Carnivore cards will be worth one point each, whoever has the most points when you run out of cards wins!

11:building the pyramids still depend on the terrain and climate matching just like in the original phylo game

12:If you are going to be playing with more than two people it is recommended that you play with more home cards spread out so there is room to put down all the one cards you could ever want!

Layout: ?

the diagram

What a 2 player game will look like ^^


Objective: Get more Carnivores on your tree than the other player

A full game will take around 20 minutes to play.