New Game Rules Variant: Codename, Phylo Poker.

O.K. This is pretty cool. There now exists a new variation on the core ecosystem building rules. This one takes advantage of familiar poker terminology, and is essentially the game built to work in a 5 card hand format.

Below is a slide of the rules, as well as links to a pdf. This was playtested at Science World last Saturday and seemed to work quite nicely. More importantly, this set of rules might generally fare better at festival, classroom type scenarios as a single hand of a game takes only a few minutes, unlike the core game which tends to take 20 to 30minutes.

The 5 card scenario also addresses possible challenges with designing a mobile app that emulates the game. Essentially, past attempts have more or less faltered because the game (due to its spreading all over a table format) doesn’t translate well to the small real estate screen size of a phone or even an iPad.

Anyway, we’ll update the “play” section of this website, once we think we’ve worked out the kinks on this rule set.

Link to pdf. You can also click on the below image/slide to get to a larger image.


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