Jet Fuel Spill

Event Card

A ruptured pipeline spills jet fuel on route to the airport into the Fraser River.

Play: play this card on any marine species.
Effect: The species card is IMMEDIAELY discarded.

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game over

Roll a dice. If you roll an odd number the Deas Bridge gets built, they dredge the river to allow larger ships to come into the ports up river, and Shady Island is lost. If you roll an even number Shady Island is saved.

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Wildlife Management Area

species protection

Play: This card protects a species from the effect of any event card. It must be played immediately after the event card played.

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Coastal Development


Play: discard any plant species that grows along the shore line.

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Shady Island

Home card

This human-made island in the middle of the south arm of the Fraser River has become an important ecological reserve.

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Typha latifolia
Scale 6 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1


Typha latifolia is an important food source for muskrats and provides a habitat for many species

cool, warm

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