Peacock Calanid

Calocalanus pavo
Scale 3 Diat: herbivore , Hierachy 2
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Calocalanus pavo has a MOVE of 1.

Calocalanus pavo is a type of Copepod, a tiny crustacean.

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Graphic by Ernst
Calocalanus pavo is a species of copepod, sometimes called the peacock calanid. It is found in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Before its discovery off the West Coast of Ireland, the peacock calanid does not appear to have ever been recorded further north than the Mediterranean. It prefers warm waters, and its presence […] read more

European Garden Spider

Araneus diadematus
Scale 4 Diat: carnivore , Hierachy 3
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Play: Araneus diadematus has a MOVE of 2 and Araneus diadematus can feed on creatures of SCALE 5 or less.

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The European garden spider (Araneus diadematus), diadem spider, or cross spider, is a very common and well-known orb-weaver spider in Western Europe. Araneus diadematus also lives in parts of North America, in a range extending from New England and theSoutheast to California and the Northwestern United States and adjacent parts of Canada.[citation needed] Individual spiders’ colouring can range from extremely light yellow to […] read more

Seven-spot Ladybird

Coccinella septempunctata
Scale 4 Diat: carnivore , Hierachy 3


Coccinella septempunctata has a FLIGHT of 2, and can feed on creatures of SCALE 4 or less.
Coccinella septempunctata is consider to be an INVASIVE species of Insecta cards of identical scale, as well as a POLLINATOR.

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Coccinella septempunctata, the seven-spot ladybird (or, in North America, seven-spotted ladybug or “C-7”[1]), is the most common ladybird in Europe. Its elytra are of a red colour, but punctuated with three black spots each, with one further spot being spread over the junction of the two, making a total of seven spots, from which the […] read more

Peacock Butterfly

Inachis io
Scale 4 Diat: herbivore , Hierachy 2


Inachis io has a FLIGHT of 2.
Inachis io is considered a POLLINATOR

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The European Peacock (Inachis io), more commonly known simply as the Peacock butterfly, is a colourful butterfly, found in Europe, temperate Asia as far east as Japan. It is the only member of the genus Inachis (the name is derived from Greek mythology, meaning Io, [the daughter] of Inachus). It should not be confused or […] read more

Hawaiian Beet Webworm

Spoladea recurvalis
Scale 4 Diat: herbivore , Hierachy 2


Spoladea recurvalis has a FLIGHT of 2.
Spoladea recurvalis is considered a POLLINATOR

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Graphic by S B
Spoladea recurvalis is a species of moth of the family Crambidae. It is found worldwide, but mainly in the tropics. The wingspan is 22-24 mm. The moth flies from May to September depending on the location. The larvae feed on Spinach, Beet, Cotton, Maize and Soybean. (From Wikipedia, May 18th, 2010) read more

Bold Jumping Spider

Phidippus audax
Scale 4 Diat: carnivore , Hierachy 3


Phidippus audax has a MOVE of 2, and can feed on creatures of SCALE 4 or less.

“These spiders have been known to jump up to 50 times their own body length.”

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Graphic by Andrew K.
Phidippus audax is a common jumping spider of North America. It is commonly referred to as the Daring Jumping Spider, or Bold Jumping Spider. The average size of adults ranges from roughly 13 to 20 mm in length. These spiders are typically black with a pattern of spots and striped on their abdomen and legs. Often […] read more