Super Red Arowana

Scleropages formosus
Scale 5 Diat: carnivore , Hierachy 3


Scleropages formosus has a MOVE of 2.

Scleropages formosus is sometimes called a dragon fish.

Graphic by Heather E.
Photo by Marcel
The Asian arowana comprises several varieties of freshwater fish in the genus Scleropages. Some sources differentiate these varieties into multiple species,[1][2] while others consider the different strains to belong to a single species, Scleropages formosus.[3] They have several other common names, including Asian bonytongue, dragon fish, and a number of names specific to different varieties. […] read more

Grunt Sculpin

Rhamphocottus richardsonii
Scale 5 Diat: carnivore , Hierachy 3


Rhamphocottus richardsonii has a MOVE of 2.

Rhamphocottus richardsonii can often be found living in bottles, cans, and barnacle shells.

Cool, Warm
Graphic by Derek
Photo by Brian
The grunt sculpin or grunt-fish, Rhamphocottus richardsonii, is the only member of the fish family Rhamphocottidae. It is native to temperate coastal waters of the North Pacific, from Japan to Alaska and south to California where it inhabits tide pools, rocky areas, and sandy bottoms at depths of up to 165 metres.     It […] read more

Yellow Tang

Zebrasoma flavescens
Scale 5 Diat: herbivore , Hierachy 2


Zebrasoma flavescens has a MOVE of 2.

Zebrasoma flavescens’s yellow colour brightens during the day and fades at night.

Graphic by Joel
The yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens) is a saltwater fish species of the family Acanthuridae. It is one of the most popular aquarium fish.   Yellow tang are in the surgeonfish family. Adult fish can grow to 20 centimetres (7.9 in) in length, and 1–2 centimetres (0.39–0.79 in) in thickness. Adult males tend to be larger than […] read more

Pineapple Fish

Cleidopus gloriamaris
Scale 5 Diat: omnivore , Hierachy 3


Cleidopus gloriamaris has a MOVE of 2.

Cleidopus gloriamaris is sometimes called a knightfish because of its armor-like scales.

The pineapplefish, Cleidopus gloriamaris, is a species of fish in the family Monocentridae, and the sole member of its genus. It is also known as the knightfish or the coat-of-mail fish, due to the armor-like scales covering its body, and the port-and-starboard light fish, as it has a pair of bioluminescent organs that are reminiscent of navigation lights on ships.[1] Its specific […] read more

Northern Pike

Esox lucius
Scale 7 Diat: carnivore , Hierachy 3
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Esox lucius has a MOVE of 2.

Can be found in brackish and freshwaters of Canada and the United States.

Cold, Cool
Graphic by Jen
The northern pike (known simply as a pike in Britain, Ireland, or as jackfish in Canada and in the United States of America Esox lucius), is a species of carnivorous fish of the genus Esox (the pikes). They are typical of brackish and freshwaters of the northern hemisphere (i.e. holarctic in distribution). Northern pike are […] read more

Brook Trout

Salvelinus fontinalis
Scale 6 Diat: carnivore , Hierachy 3
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Salvelinus fontinalis has a MOVE of 2.

Salvelinus fontinalis are among the most colorful freshwater species.

cold, cool, warm
Graphic by
The brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, (sometimes called the eastern brook trout) is a species of fish in the salmon family of orderSalmoniformes. In many parts of its range, it is known as the speckled trout or squaretail. A potamodromous population in Lake Superior are known as coaster trout or, simply, as coasters. Though commonly called a trout, the brook trout is actually a char, along with lake trout, bull trout, Dolly Varden and […] read more