Evergreen Dogwood

Cornus capitata
Scale 9 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1
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Fact: Cornus capitata is also known as Bentham’s cornel, Himalayan flowering dogwood, and evergreen dogwood

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Graphic by Derek McCreawww.derekmccrea.50megs.com/
Cornus capitata is a species of dogwood known by the common names Bentham’s cornel, Himalayan flowering dogwood, and evergreen dogwood. It is native to the low-elevation woodlands of the Himalayas in China, India, and surrounding nations and it is naturalized in parts of Australia and New Zealand. It is grown elsewhere as an ornamental. This […] read more

California Barrel Cactus

Ferocactus cylindraceus
Scale 8 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1


Hypsibius dujardini has a SPREAD of 1, and requires a POLLINATOR.

Graphic by MariposaEnsimismadaphylogame.org
Ferocactus cylindraceus is a species of barrel cactus which is known by several common names, including California barrel cactus and miner’s compass. This cactus is usually cylindrical or spherical, with some older specimens forming columns two meters in height. It is covered in long, plentiful spines, which are straight and red when new and become […] read more

Pacific Dogwood

Cornus nuttallii
Scale 9 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1


Cornus nuttallii has a SPREAD of 1 (requires POLLINATOR).

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Graphic by Jesse Kemptondarkconofman.deviantart.com/
Photo by Paul Schultzwww.flickr.com/photos/pasfam/
The Pacific Dogwood, Cornus nuttallii (syn. Benthamidia nuttallii), is a species of dogwood native to western North America from lowlands of southern British Columbia to mountains of southern California. An inland population occurs in central Idaho. Cultivated examples are found as far north as the Queen Charlotte Islands. It is a small to medium-sized deciduous […] read more

Chinese Hibiscus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Scale 6 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis has a SPREAD of 1 (requires a POLLINATOR).

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Graphic by S B Kennedywingedsonar.deviantart.com
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, known colloquially as the Chinese hibiscus, China rose and shoe flower, is an evergreen flowering shrub native to East Asia. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant throughout the tropics and subtropics. The flowers are large, generally red in the original varieties, and firm, but generally lack any scent. Numerous varieties, cultivars, […] read more

Bull Thistle

Cirsium vulgare
Scale 7 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1


Cirsium vulgare has a SPREAD of 1 (requires a POLLINATOR)
Cirsium vulgare is considered to be an INVASIVE species of Plantae cards of 6/7 scale.

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Graphic by Mason Fetzerwww.masonfetzer.com
Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertsonen.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bull_Thistle.jpg
Cirsium vulgare (Spear thistle, Bull thistle, Plumed thistle, Roadside thistle; syn. C. lanceolatum) is a species of the genus Cirsium, native throughout Europe, Asia and northern Africa, but also present in North America as an invasive weed. It is designated an “injurious weed” under the UK Weeds Act 1959[1] and a noxious weed in nine […] read more