Maiden’s Hair

Chlorodesmis fastigiata
Scale 5 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1


• Chlorodesmis fastigiata is an ALGAE and PLANKTON SPECIES.

It is also OPPORTUNISTIC and may be played on top of other PLANKTON cards (discard other PLANKTON card)

Graphic by Nadir
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In taxonomy, Chlorodesmis is a genus of algae, specifically of the Udoteaceae.[1] Algae in this genus produce the toxic diterpene chlorodesmin to defend themselves against generalist herbivores[2] (From Wikipedia, May 31st, 2012) read more

Caulerpa peltata

Caulerpa peltata
Scale 5 Diat: photosynthetic , Hierachy 1


Caulerpa peltata has a SPREAD of 1/2 (1 per 2 turns).

Cool, Warm
Where seen? This green seaweed with small fleshy ‘umbrellas’ is commonly seen on some of our (Singapore, re: “warm”) shores, growing on coral rubble near reefs. Features: The seaweed has structures that look like fleshy umbrellas; with a thick circular portion (about 1-1.5cm across) on a little stalk. These little umbrellas emerge along the length […] read more