Some code for card APIs

This is post is for the 8 teams of CMPT 225 students working on a Phylogame app.  Note that there is apparently a small error in this script (we’ll get Enej to take a look when he gets back from vacation).
*  API DOCS v0.5
URL API Parameters:
api – can eather be json or xml default is json, has to be present
num – returns the number of cards maximum is 200 default is 20
page – page number to get to the page = 2 for second page
callback – only applicable to json will call the callback function with the json data passed into it.
if you don’t have a callback parameter specified phylomon_cards will be returned with with the data inside it.
diy – set this parameter to get back the diy cards instead
URL that will work.
Urls you can visit.
single card url:
Example urls: // – gets 200 cards on the second page as a json_object
same example HTML
function get_cards(data) {
alert(‘The first card is ‘+data[0].name );
console.log( data[0] );
<script src=””></script>
<!– <script src=””></script> –>