Game rules: Change in creative common’s license.

Just a note to say that we’ve adjusted the creative commons’ license for the current Phylo rules (see bottom of this page). In essence, it has been adjusted it so that the non-commercial clause can be removed, IF AND ONLY IF, permission is granted by the Phylo project itself (which at this point in time, is managed by David Ng at the Michael Smith Laboratories, University of British Columbia – i.e you need to write for permissions, and this in turn will be recorded on the website).

This change has been done, so that educational institutes or environmental advocacy groups (say a Natural History Museum) who wish to produce their own deck can also entertain the possibility of selling the deck for fund raising purposes. With this in place, it is hoped that any confusion over what constitutes as non-commercial can be placated with a simple request for permissions to allow specific decks to be purchased.

As a side note, we also made sure to run this idea by Honorah O’Neill, who was the person who did most of the heavy lifting in developing the core rules. She was happy with this modification and so it is!

dave ng (db at mail dot ubc dot ca)