Call for Submissions: MUSÉMON

We have an article about the Phylo project written by the fine folks at MUSE magazine.  Not only that, but they hoping to create their own deck art!  And with our help, they’re hoping to make a deck that is ilustrated by their readers. Here’s the official call for submissions:

Don’t just sit there! For this month’s challenges, we need help from as many Musers as we can get. First, make your Muse citizenship official by filling out our Census of Musers here.

Then, are you ready to be as excited as Kokopelli at a pie factory? That’s how we feel about our new project: together with David Ng and the Phylo team, we’re going to create an all-new, all-Muse card deck. You’re going to be the artists.

By April 30, please send us a drawing of an animal, plant, or microbe that lives near you. Email submissions to or mail them to 70 E. Lake St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601. The more Musers respond, the more diverse our ecosystem will be! The deck you help create will be available on the Phylo website for anyone in the world to print and play with.

Game on!