Video of playing the Phylo Game.

Here is a video that essentially shows Dave (the academic who’s lab hosts the Phylo project) and his daughter playing a round of Phylo. It’s a bit ad-hoc (essentially, they just played the game with some commentary, and there’s also a bit where their dog starts barking crazily), but hopefully it’s still helpful.

One of these days, it would be great if we could get a member of the community to make a more polished video tutorial for our players!

Musemon ready at MUSE magazine!

From the MUSE magazine’s website:

“Last March we wrote about the ecosystem card game Phylo. Then the Phylo team used artwork you submitted to create a new, all-Muse deck. Now it’s time to play: can you survive the game?

Download and print the cards below in color (or cut them out of your November/December 2013 issue of Muse). Then download the rules below (or look back to your March 2013 issue). Then start playing!

The second half of the deck will be here in January.”

Download the first half of the deck here.