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Please do check out the images that have been submitted so far – they are, in a word, awesome! Also, at this point in time, we have gathered a collection of individuals from the scientific community to participate in the project. They will be asked to focus on coming up with 12 potential attributes suitable for presentation on these cards (although use of all 12 may be subjected to space constraints). Note that their choice of 12 will be strongly influenced by the feedback culled from a variety of different communities, particularily those who are passionate about game design.

To facilitate this, we have started a forum at Anyone can view the forum’s content, but registration is required for participation. You can self register at this forum (by posting a new topic or leaving a comment). Hopefully it will soon be an independent place for dialogue and discussion on the project. We also have a FriendFeed site at This site can provide a place to upload content (word docs, images, pdfs), should you not have a website/blog to present files. Reading the FriendFeed is open to anyone, but participation/uploading privileges will require a quick registration process.

For gamers, we are interested in all of your ideas, including specific calls for organism images, or other specialized cards. In particular, it would be wonderful if there are folks out there who feel the urge to fully design gameplay rules. We hope that a number of these rules can facilitate initial beta testing of preliminary card sets and card games. Rules of this nature will eventually inhabit a “game” section of the finished official phylomon website.

Again, please visit and register for the Phylomon forum by starting or contributing to a discussion (registration is initially prompted when you want to start a topic or comment in the thread)..

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or send a tweet. The official website is on track for a March 2010 release. This website will be fully capable of generating imaged blank cards. We are hoping that the first of the working card sets with edited content and some game play rules to be available by April/May.

Dave Ng

2 thoughts on “Game Design Ideas?

  1. Hello Phylo admins! My kids and I have discovered Phylo and love it. What a fantastic idea.

    I would love to make more use of the Phylo forum and be part of the Phylo community. A few weeks ago, I signed up for an account there (joegluntz) but it hasn’t been enabled by the administrator, so I cannot sign in to make posts. I’ve emailed the admin but haven’t received a response. I do see recent posts (from October 2015) so I think there are still some active users. If anyone is looking at this blog’s comments who is in touch with the phylomon forum admin, could you help me out?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hey Josh,

    That’s actually kind of strange (to participate in the forums doesn’t require admin approval). I’ll take a peek and see what’s going on.


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