Leave us a link to your art!

If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of submitting via Flickr, but you do have some great imagery to pass on, leave us a link in the comments below. Make sure you leave your proper email address (which won’t be shown to the public) so that we can follow up.


3 thoughts on “Leave us a link to your art!

  1. Thanks for this post—I’ve been putting off posting to Flickr for so long. But I would love to share my drawings on http://www.dailymammal.com. I’m trying to draw all 5,000 mammal species, one at a time. I’m far from that, of course, but I’ve done more than 300 of them. Have a look!


  2. Fantastic! I’ve been trying to sign up for Flickr for days and there seems to be an error at the creating a nickname stage, it won’t let me!


    Here is a submission! If the quality has gone down, I can gladly email you it!

    (i) organism common name; Scarlet Rose Finch
    (ii) organism latin name: Carpodacus erythrinus
    (iii) Artist name; Wingedwolf
    (iv) Artist website http://wingedwolf2004.deviantart.com
    (remaining tags) UK, isles, coast

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