London’s Natural History Museum plays Phylo at their Science Uncovered


Last night, London’s Natural History Museum had a huge open house for members of the public, and the Phylo project was fortunate enough to be included in their “gaming” room. In the month leading up to this, the crew at the museum brainstormed on what sort of cards might be needed for a good “UK” deck.

Here, a number of species cards were listed, and then we were off to transform them into a “fancy” version.

Although these cards are available for purchase, you can check them out by downloading this pdf (~3Mb). Maybe we should do this to more our of cards?

Some Initial Press around the Beaty Phylo Deck


Here they are! Right now, they’re only available at the museum itself, but we’re working on seeing if we can come up with an online option for purchase (as well as holding off on marketing this deck until that option is available). It sounds like it might be a little complicated (because the museum hopes to use the cards for outreach fund raising), but we’ll try our best to keep you in the loop.

In any event, here is some press on the deck:

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